file000358352629The home selling process, especially in today’s market, is serious business! Placed in the hands of a seasoned full-time professional, the savvy homeowner will find the benefits of hiring a Realtor to be invaluable. Here is why Columbus Realty Source is the brokerage you should choose:

columbus realty source checkmark THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE

columbus realty source checkmark THE SHORTEST LENGTH OF TIME

columbus realty source checkmark THE LEAST AMOUNT OF INCONVENIENCE


We know how to market properties to carefully chosen targeted buyers. In addition to our own arsenal of proven marketing techniques, Columbus Realty Source saves sellers valuable time in the marketing process! Time = money!


Columbus Realty Source has helped dozens of families and individuals buy and sell property. Whether moving up, scaling down, or relocating, we can help. Scott Wheeler is very adept at problem solving and negotiating on behalf of his valued clients. Experience counts!


Scott has invested thousands of dollars in computers, peripherals, and training, and utilizes them to their fullest potential! With huge contact management databases, digital photography, mass mailing, web broadcasting, and networking, Columbus Realty Source guarantees that your property gets the marketing impact that it deserves. This insures the highest possible price!


Columbus Realty Source’s Competitive Marketing Analysis is second to none, presenting the latest sales statistics to you from a variety of available sources in a very easy to read format. Assisting you in pricing your home with pinpoint accuracy is one of our specialties! We pay close attention to every detail.


Arrange for a private, no-obligation consultation with us and allow Columbus Realty Source to demonstrate how you can benefit from our services! No pressure, just great service!


We put our reputation on the line with our Seller Services Guarantee! If at any time you’re not satisfied with our performance, you may cancel your agreement. It’s just that simple. Isn’t that what you’d expect from any business person?

10 Ways We Ensure Your Home Is Properly Marketed


  1.  We compare your home to other comparable properties on the market and identify your home’s unique and most desirable features. What would a buyer want your home more than other homes on the market in the same price range. That is for us to point out.
  2. We take professional quality photographs of your home’s best features and use them as a starting point for our marketing approach.
  3. We find out why you purchased your home and use this information to help us focus on potential buyers.
  4. We research the demographics of homeowners in the home’s neighborhood. Prospects with similar demographics will probably be the best market for potentially purchasing your home.
  5. We review the audience demographics of various media and use those that best match the likely demographics of potential buyers for the home.
  6. We start early. Unlike other companies, we do not wait a week before the listing expires to get the word out.
  7. We collect all information and write a brief marketing plan that includes specific objectives, a description of the home, a description of the target buyers for the home, and appropriate marketing media.
  8. We make a schedule for the property marketing activities throughout the listing period.
  9. We set a budget based on the activities in the plan for your home. The more costly your home, the more expensive it will be to market because high-priced homes demand top-of-the-line marketing techniques.
  10. We set up systems to track the “pull” of the marketing efforts. We always ask who calls or views the home how they found out about it.